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June 3–6, 2019
BIO International 2019 | Philadelphia Convention Center, PA | Booth #3519

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences is focused on supporting a rapidly changing biopharma ecosystem, advancing how future therapeutics are discovered and commercialized.

Whatever your strategy, we’re here to help. From accelerating speed to market, innovation, or efficiency, we look forward to combining our expertise with yours to bring future medicines to market.

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Join the FlexFactory tour! Register for the Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing tour in partnership with NIBRT and see how real-world hands-on training is delivered.

Our leaders

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Emmanuel Ligner
President & CEO, Life Sciences

What’s your strategy? No matter the molecule, the market or the challenges, Emmanuel and his team is here to help.

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Catarina Flyborg
GM, Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies are transforming healthcare and Catarina wants to help you scale your manufacturing.

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Olivier Loeillot
GM, Global Product BioProcess

Thinking flexible manufacturing is right for you? Olivier’s insights can help you devise the right strategy to adapt to demand.

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Amanda Halford

Amanda Halford
GM, Commercial & Business Development

Speeding a molecule to market? Amanda can help you establish best-in-class solutions and services to meet your goals.

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David Radspinner
GM, BioPark & Commercial, USCAN & LATAM

Traditional manufacturing has been revolutionized. David can help you to achieve efficiencies, time savings, and flexibility.

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Jon Van Pelt
GM, BioProcess Single-use & Enterprise Solutions

Wing-to-wing solutions can enhance speed and flexibility. Meet with Jon to explore the possibilities.

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Umay Saplakoglu
GM, Fast Trak Services,

CDMO partnerships, training and education, and process development. Meet with Umay as you navigate clinical trials.

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Kevin Seaver
GM, Bioprocess Automation & Digital, Single-use Integration

Biopharm 4.0 has arrived: Ask Kevin for his technical knowledge about automation in your single-use facility and your manufacturing goals.

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Beth Thompson-Webb
GM, Commercial, Cell & Gene Therapy

Working on cell & gene therapies? Beth wants to collaborate with you to find the right solutions to bring your therapies to market.

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Our work

Advancing speed to market

Manufacturing capacity within 18 months
Invest after Phase III with lower risk and be market ready with modular facilities. Learn more about the KUBio modular facility.

Buy, build or partner?
Quantify and manage uncertainty with optionality – an analytical tool that can help you make better decisions. Learn more

Mitigate risk and accelerate outcomes
Check the pulse of your organization and determine when outsourcing makes sense for your overall strategy.

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare

Advancing innovation

Removing barriers to the commercialization of cell therapies
GE Healthcare collaborates with G-CON to develop cleanroom infrastructure that simplifies early-stage cell therapy manufacturing.

CBMG FlexFactory announced for cell therapies in China.

Advancing technology

Alternatives to conventional development

Collaboration with CCRM brings scalable manufacturing to novel molecules.

Five-year partnership between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and GE Healthcare will enable safer and more precise cancer immunotherapies.

Optimize purification parameters and gain efficiency using innovative Fibro technology for chromatography.

DGE Healthcare
GE Healthcare

Advancing efficiency

1% efficiency gains save millions
Data from raw materials and process equipment identifies key parameters that effect yield. A one percent efficiency gain can net more than $1.2 M and dramatically improve efficiency. Analytics is the key to unlocking savings.

Supply chain
Supply chain advancements for raw materials help identify areas for efficiency gains. Learn how we helped Amgen.

BioPharma 4.0
GE Healthcare and Rockwell Automation collaborate to streamline production technologies and adaptable manufacturing environments.

Our services

Partnering for the future

We discover, partner, and integrate external technology. Developing GE’s innovation pipeline with the best companies, ideas and external technology. Put your ideas to work–grow with GE. If you would like to meet with GE at BIO 2019, contact us at [email protected]

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Speed in Manufacturing

Parallel processing gives you the option to work with a CDMO and delay the decision of which biomanufacturing solution might work best. Drug development is inherently risky. Every decision can make or break a project, and, unfortunately, many are made long before anyone knows if the drug will make it to market.

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Addressing talent crunch

Gaining a skilled labor force in the growing biopharma industry can be a challenge. So what strategies should your company be considering for recruiting, training and retaining qualified bioprocessing candidates. Discover how you can upskill staff in cell therapy manufacturing.

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