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Biacore 8K SPR system

Biacore 8K SPR system

As the newest member of the Biacore family of products, Biacore 8K efficiently delivers binding data with the quality you expect, meeting your toughest challenges in small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization.

This eight needle high-sensitivity surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system rapidly provides kinetics and affinity data shortening time to results by up to eight times compared to single-needle systems. The blend of system flexibility and throughput reduces the experimental cycle time, even for complex targets and new drug formats such as bispecific antibodies.

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  • Single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization
  • Screening of 2300 small molecule fragments in a day
  • High-quality kinetic characterization of 64 interactions in 5 h
  • 60 h unattended runtime with queueing abilities and rapid multi-run evaluations
  • Confident interaction analysis of small molecules binding to complex targets such as GPCRs
  • Accurate differentiation of high-affinity binders

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The Biacore 8K system provides you with high sensitivity and quality interaction data early on in the screening of small molecules and biotherapeutics. Discover deeper insights more efficiently - Download datafile or Request a demo today!