Boost performance

Streamline process development with HyClone Cell Boost feed supplements and strategies.

The goal is to increase product yields while maintaining product quality attributes. Achieve this outcome by rapidly identifying HyClone Cell Boost supplements for optimal cell growth.

  • Boost yields (mAbs > 5 g/L) in fed-batch processes
  • Chemically defined, animal-derived component-free formulations
  • DoE protocol and feed strategies to reduce process time and maximize output

Learn more about GE Healthcare’s basal media and feeds optimized for CHO cell culture biomanufacturing.

Application note

mAb titers increased 2.5-fold using DoE based methodology for feed selection and strategy.



Benefits of identifying the right media, feeds, and strategy early in upstream PD. Conserve time and resources when generating a
high-producing CHO cell culture.

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A rapid 3 step DoE protocol for fed-batch development. Use it to select feed supplements and strategy for higher product titers.


Selection guide

Comprehensive guide to rapidly identify HyClone media and feeds for mAb and vaccine biomanufacturing.