Intensify your downstream process

30th International Symposium for Preparative and Process Chromatography

The Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, USA | July 16–19, 2017 | GE Healthcare booth no. 202

Join GE Healthcare at PREP International Symposium

Begin your journey to intensify your process, boost productivity, and strengthen performance with GE Healthcare. Discover how our pioneering technologies, agile services, and flexible single-use solutions can speed results in downstream processing.

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Tue. July 18 | 12:30–2:00 PM

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Join us to learn more about how improvements in downstream mAb process equipment can help you address bioburden challenges and enhance productivity.

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In addition to visiting us in booth no. 202, join us during our complimentary workshop and technical presentation.

Technology workshop

Setting new standards for sanitization of chromatography resins

Addressing bioburden challenges in downstream bioprocessing

Speaker: Anna Grönberg, Staff Research Engineer, Cell Culture
Tue. July 18 | 12:30–2:00 PM | Commonwealth Hall A-1, 2nd floor


Polishing of mAb charge variants using preparative ion exchange and multimodal chromatography

Speaker: Anna Grönberg, Staff Research Engineer, Cell Culture
Mon. July 17 | Session 3B | 3:40 PM | Commonwealth Hall B, 2nd floor

Product showcase

Bring confidence to filtration

ÄKTA readyflux single-use filtration system is flexible and reliable, while supporting high productivity at low working volumes.
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Scale up with confidence

ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are prepacked, presanitized, and prequalified. Now, introducing the 32 L column for production scales of up to 2000 L bioreactor harvests.
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BioProcess Matters blog

Insights to accelerate your bioprocess journey
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Intensify your downstream process

Improvements in upstream bioprocessing have resulted in higher product titers. Downstream processing needs to match these advances in a cost-efficient way.
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Call the experts

Expertise is in knowing what needs to be done. Equally important is knowing what doesn’t need to be done. Rely on our global Fast Trak team of industry experts to avoid manufacturing pitfalls and ensure an efficient, low cost process built for scale-up with the long term in mind.
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