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SenographeTM Pristina

At GE Healthcare, we believe it’s time to improve the entire mammography experience.

We partnered with radiologists, technologists and patients to create a mammography platform that's sensitive to each of their needs - easing patients' anxieties, making technologists' jobs easier and helping radiologists diagnose with great confidence.

The result of our rigorous, collaborative design process is the Senographe Pristina. 

Comforting, empowering, enlightening. Never has a mammography system been so sensitive to patients, technologists and radiologists alike - putting everyone in a better position for a more relaxing experience, productive workflow and effective care. 

Reshape the mammography experience

Sensitive to Patients

GE is offering patients a new experience when it comes to breast compression. Guided by technologists supervision, patients can now help to reach the compression that is right for them. The new self-compression feature enables patients to help manage their exam experience, reducing potential anxiety when it comes to breast exams.

Sensitive to Radiographers

Increased patient comfort is critical to improving the mammography experience for both patients and radiographers. Making it easy for radiographers to position patients is also essential. This is why the Senographe Pristina was designed to help radiographers avoid physical strain and to help put patients at ease.

Sensitive to Radiologists

Enhance your reading performance in 3D mammography. Senographe Pristina sets the bar high for diagnostic confidence and performance, allowing for excellent visualization of breast lesions, without increasing the radiation dose compared to a 2D acquisition of the same view. 

Join us!

GE Healthcare is proud to announce its Pristina Road Show!
Pristina is the latest mammography system from GE Healthcare. It has been designed for the comfort of the patient and operator whilst delivering superior diagnostic accuracy at the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved DBT systems. 

Pristina offers a new, more comfortable experience, but why take our word for it?

We truly believe seeing is believing, so if you would like to see Pristina, we will bring the system to you in our mobile unit, designed for screening.

Please register your interest using the buttons below so that we can plan to bring the road show to you.

Senographe Pristina: Download Clinical Information

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