GE Healthcare single-use technical series

Achieve your bioreactor production goals

Successful biomanufacturing demands reliable, high-performance bioreactors and tight process control. With single-use technologies, applications data, and support from skilled experts at GE Healthcare, we can help you achieve your biomanufacturing goals while providing flexibility in scale.

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Overcome bioreactor scale-up challenges

In this edition of the single-use technical series, experienced GE Healthcare scientists, Thomas Falkman and Patrick Guertin, share their insights on how to optimize bioreactor scale-up and maximize productivity. Download the white paper today to read their tips and view the results from a stirred-tank and rocking bioreactor comparison study.


Go on a brief tour of GE’s bioprocessing lab in Uppsala Sweden with Thomas Falkman. Learn about single-use solutions for bioreactor production.


White Paper

Read the white paper ‘Bioreactor production: Single-use technology and support for solving your biomanufacturing challenges’.


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Leverage GE Healthcare to help execute your single-use biomanufacturing strategy. View additional resources and solutions for single-use bioprocessing.


About the experts

Thomas Falkman, MSc, chemical engineering

Thomas Falkman has been with GE Healthcare since 2010. In his current role as an upstream application expert, he supports in-house projects with extensive knowledge and experience in upstream bioprocessing, including cell cultivation. Activities include conducting process improvements and providing problem-solving support for customers around the world. Thomas holds presentations and courses about cell culture bioprocessing and products for both internal and external personnel and is an inventor on two bioreactor-related patents.

Patrick Guertin, MSc, biochemistry

Patrick Guertin has been with GE Healthcare since 2006. He is currently a Fast Trak Global Technical Manager (GTEM) who works closely with customers from biopharmaceutical companies, CMOs, and government labs to solve their specific upstream biomanufacturing challenges. Patrick brings more than 25 years of industry experience and substantial expertise in upstream process development, pilot plant operations, and cGMP manufacturing for mAbs, recombinant therapeutics, and vaccines.