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Single-use bioprocessing symposium

Presented by GE Healthcare
November 1–2, 2016
Boston, MA

Insights and collaboration

GE Healthcare hosted a single-use bioprocess symposium which brought together biopharmaceutical manufacturers and industry thought leaders to discuss some of the latest advances in bioprocessing. Below, you will find a list of speakers and the topics that they presented at the symposium. We invite you to be a part of the collaboration and learn about the insights shared at this event.

Speaker presentations

Jeffrey Johnson

New Technology Leader and Director, Merck & Co.
'Innovation in biomanufacturing with single-use technologies'

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Susan Burke

Material Science Leader, GE Healthcare
'Development of next-generation single-use films for optimal performance in biomanufacturing'

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Stewart McNaull

Director, Development and Technical Services, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
'Single-use manufacturing design and implementation: from a reality to paving the way for future growth'

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Madhu Raghunathan

Product Strategy Leader, GE Healthcare
'Single-use technology in downstream unit operations: ÄKTA ready and more'

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John Coyne

Senior Pilot Plant Manager, Pfizer
'When, why and how to outsource biomanufacturing: the role of single-use technologies'

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Olof Larsson

Scientist, GE Healthcare
'Strategies for improving productivity and process economy in rocking bioreactors'

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Bill Flanagan

Manager, Eco Assessment Center of Excellence, GE Healthcare
'Single-use technology and sustainability: quantifying the environmental impact'

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Bruno Tricoire

Program Director, Innovation and Single-Use, Sanofi Pasteur
'A road map for single-use technologies'

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