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ventilated patients

We know that proper nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery of your ventilated patients. That’s why finding the right nutritional balance for each of your patients’ unique needs may be critical to help speed up the healing process.

The process can be frustrating - while predictive equations are often the only tool available to assess nutritional status, studies have shown equations to be accurate about 40 percent of the time.1, 2, 3

There’s a different solution for your patients:

  • The CARESCAPEā„¢ R860 offers advanced tools for Indirect Calorimetry measurements that are measured, not estimated.
  • When the module is integrated with the ventilator, you continuously capture gas exchange and energy expenditure measurements
  • Clinicians can use this data to customize nutritional support
Watch our videos to learn how CARESCAPE R860 can support your team with ventilated patient care.

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