Boundaryless monitoring & care team collaboration

A command-center approach to

alarm management and dispatching

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Digital Centralized Monitoring Unit

Our mobility solutions leverage GE Healthcare’s expertise in technology integration, clinical workflow design, and change management to provide a streamlined way to assess and dispatch notifications for better alert management and communication for your care team.

Centralized patient monitoring

Central monitoring is key to providing better patient care. From a command-center approach to managing alerts to mobile applications to simplifying intrateam communication, GE Healthcare has a number of solutions to help keep your team connected and patients cared for.

calendar and alarm bell
Event notification

Intelligent filtering, routing, and escalation of nurse-call, EMR, ADT, and device events

medical monitor chart
Mobile visualization

Single-pane viewing of EMR, bedside, 12-lead cardiology, and imaging device data

person holding digital device and communicating
Care team collaboration

Dynamic secure text messaging, voice, and data for unified clinical communication and collaboration

analytic chart and bell for notification
Advanced analytics

Providing reporting and data analysis, optimization of alarm settings and dashboards with near real-time data

Multi-facility enterprise

Accelerated alarm-to-intervention response times across multiple facilities

Patient monitoring challenges

Hospitals struggle to implement essential mobile communication solutions to transform workflow and manage alerts. In the meantime, care teams suffer and are met with a number of challenges.

nurses are interrupted¹

during typical nurse shift²

ONLY 30%
of time spent by care providers in patient rooms³

ONLY 20%
of time spent on direct patient care³

GE Healthcare central monitoring solutions minimize these challenges, empowering your team to provide the best patient care possible.

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