Take a two-minute interactive tour of GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise1 Solution

Experience Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution for Yourself

Because seeing is believing, we invite you to an interactive tour of Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution. In two minutes, you’ll see how you can easily and securely access clinically rich patient cardiovascular records with the same best-of-breed measurement and reporting tools that you’re accustomed to using. But there’s one key difference: you can do it from virtually wherever you happen to be as long as there’s an Internet connection.

So go ahead. “Experience” how Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution helps you to enhance patient care, improve productivity, and create a more efficient revenue cycle. And remember: it’s an interactive tour with lots to see since it covers the typical workflow and the entire enterprise. Take as much time as you need to explore. Two minutes is only a guideline.

1 Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution is comprised of the Centricity Cardio Imaging and Centricity Cardio Workflow products.