The many
strengths of
one film


A single-use platform film
built for bioprocess

The strength of simplicity

Born of customer collaboration, supplier partnership, and GE’s bioprocessing expertise, Fortem offers the simplicity of qualifying one film across the full range of your single-use bioprocessing systems, saving you time, effort, and cost.

We’re introducing one film for our entire portfolio of single-use systems.

The strength of knowledge

Fortem is an exceptionally well characterized film, with specific analytical work done to identify and control degradative products. It has also been qualified extensively with new methodologies for film failure, including demanding tests for flex fatigue, weldability, and abrasion resistance.

Ten-layer film architecture

The strength of flexibility

To design a single-use platform film that stretches across bioprocessing, the functional requirements of every application must be balanced against one another, while weighing a host of considerations: choice of polymers, film thickness, flexural properties, degree of crystallinity, resistance to gas transmission, and many more.

Application versatility

The strength of transparency

We’ve put in place a robust security of supply framework for Fortem. It outlines all of the film’s critical quality attributes and process parameters, and implements controls for transparency, quality, and business continuity around them.

Security of supply framework

The strength of commitment

Our goal isn’t just to make a better single-use film. It’s to make single-use a better technology. To that end, we’re implementing a total global investment across multiple centers of excellence that enhances our capabilities in single-use science, technology, and security of supply.

Dedicated E&L lab
Uppsala, Sweden
New research programs
Niskayuna, NY, USA
Enhanced manufacturing
Westborough, MA, USA

Request a free evaluation kit

There are two available evaluation kit options, each of which will be delivered within 4 weeks.

Kit 1 includes three 2 L Cellbag bioreactor chambers each made with a different lot of Fortem film. Cellbags are commonly used in the WAVE 25 Bioreactor system. Each bag measures 559 mm (22.00 in.) x 267 mm (10.51 in.), is gamma irradiated, and can be used for cell culture.

Kit 2 includes five 50 mL 2-D ReadyToProcess bags made of Fortem film. ReadyToProcess bags are commonly used within ReadyCircuit fluid management systems. Each bag measures 140 mm (5.50 in.) x 108 mm (4.25 in.) and is also gamma irradiated.

For additional information or technical support, please email one.film@ge.com, and you will be contacted by a GE Technical Specialist. Subject to availability.