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Our reputation, based on a solid foundation of expertise, enables us to support how healthcare is researched and delivered. In laboratories across the globe, the Whatman™ name is synonymous with quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Our instinct for simplification accelerates the rate of discovery, reduces costs and saves time. Our products have a reputation for working right the first time – every time, which is why they are specified for the most exacting applications across a wide range of industries for people around the globe.

Basic analytical testing

In the vast and disparate world of analytical chemistry, Whatman products are used for basic laboratory processes that range from simple clarification to solvent extraction. Products range from filter papers, thimbles and Benchkote™ benchtop protectors, to membrane filters and phase separator papers.

Food and beverage

Our filter papers are used to prepare food samples prior to a wide range of analyses. Our syringe filters prevent fatty or particulate laden samples from damaging valuable equipment. Our membranes are used to test for harmful bacteria.


Whatman products enable pharmaceutical companies to increase productivity. Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters and vials reduce HPLC sample preparation time and consumables usage, and track-etched and Anopore™ membranes are also vital to extruding liposomes for encasing and targeting drugs.

Environmental monitoring

Whatman products are cited in EPA, ASTM and ISO protocols for environmental monitoring. Whether it is detecting suspended solids in water, measuring air for dangerous particulates, or supporting asbestos analysis to maintain healthy spaces there is a Whatman filter that is central to the test.

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