GE is proud to present

Advanced Courses in Echocardiography 

What is ACE?

ACE is a GE Healthcare Educational Program aimed to foster the implementation of Advanced Echocardiography imaging in the daily routine of the echo lab and interventional suites. 

Who Should Attend?

The series are designed for cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, cardiac anesthetists, and sonographers, who require advanced training in the latest quantification and 4D tools in echocardiography. 


  • ACE Value  (2D image optimization, most frequent cardiac quantifications, introduction to strain quantification, and AI implementation into the routine Echo exam)
  • ACE 4D Navigators (Basic principles of 4D Echo with tips on 4D Acquisition, Visualization, Cropping and Navigation)
  • ACE 4D Experts (Advanced 4D navigation as well as advanced 4D Chamber and Valvular quantification)
  • ACE Strain (Principles of Tissue Doppler and speckle tracking in advanced strain/strain rate imaging and quantification as well as AI implementation in strain imaging)
  • ACE 4D Interventional (Advanced 4D cropping, Navigation, and Quantification tools tailored for utilizing 4D Echo in the planning and Guidance during Structural Heart interventions)
Jawdat Sanuri
CVUS Product Manager
GE Healthcare, EM