​Tap. Swipe. Pinch.

With touchscreen operation and a select group of most frequently used hard keys, the Voluson SWIFT ultrasound system is easy to learn because it incorporates the same intuitive functionalities as the devices we use every day.

  • Capture exceptional images effortlessly

  • Move from standard 2D views to rendered 3D planes in just a few simple steps

  • A simplified and optimized key layout, combined with common touch gestures provides intuitive operation

  • With Uterine Trace, the system automatically exacts the coronal view in three simple steps – taking the effort out of 3D scanning.

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Voluson Fast Facts

Artificial Intelligence

Future focused tools that automatically identify structures, saving valuable time on acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

Gesture-Driven Touch

Simple touchscreen navigation that incorporates the same intuitive functionality, customization and personalization as the devices we use every day.

Voluson Core Architecture

The powerful base architecture that provides exceptional imaging performance and future system advancements.

Volume Technologies

A comprehensive suite of 3D/4D features enables easy volume acquisition, interaction, and display. 

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Voluson SWIFT+​

Standard Features

Voluson SWIFT+ features an innovative 21.5” full HD high resolution, touch monitor and multi-touch based User Interface with interactive dynamic software menu.


  • Convex Abdominal Probe
  • Convex Volume Probe
  • Endocavity Probe
  • Endocavity Probe with Bent Handle
  • Endocavity Volume Probe
  • Small Footprint Phased Array
  • Linear Probe


  • SonoLyst AI
  • Coded Contrast Imaging
  • Elastography
  • USB Recorder

Hardware Packages

  • Front Shelf
  • Side Basket
  • Battery
  • 1TB SSD
  • CW Hardware Option
  • ECG External USB
  • ECG Cable


  • B&W Printer Set
  • Wireless Display Solution

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Make Voluson Your Own

Personalized menus, workflow settings, presets. Voluson is designed to adapt to you – not the other way around. The system also offers specialized features and packages to match your specific area of clinical practice.

See what’s available on Voluson and how you can configure your own system then request a quote.

Designed specifically for Women’s Health, the Voluson SWIFT+ ultrasound system features innovative technologies, automated tools, and simplified workflow, enabling you to make clinical decisions with greater confidence.

Voluson Swift +

This changes everything 

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