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BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition West

Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, CA, USA
February 27 - March 2, 2017 | GE Healthcare booth #401

Join GE Healthcare at BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition West

Boost productivity, strengthen performance, and speed results. Engage with GE to access industry expertise and discover how our pioneering technologies, agile services, and ability to design and construct complete facilities improves speed to market.

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February 27 - March 2, 2017 | Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Discover bioprocessing in virtual reality

Step into a new reality and explore GE’s KUBio manufacturing facility. Realize this immersive digital experience room by room and discover an integrated platform that delivers a fully functional, ready-to-run facility within 18 months.

Visit booth #401 during BioProcess International West 2017 to learn more about GE Healthcare’s bioprocessing solutions and our latest new product introductions. In addition to visiting our exhibit, join us during our complimentary presentations, technology workshops and poster presentations.

Keynote presentation:

Priorities in global healthcare and burden of disease: Are we doing the right things in biopharma and vaccines?

Speaker: Günter Jagschies, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Strategic Customer Relations
Tue. Feb. 28 | 3:30 pm


Overcoming regulatory uncertainty to fully realize the benefits of single-use technology

Speaker: Jeff Carter, Ph.D., Strategic Projects Leader
Tue. Feb. 28 | 8:00 am

A synergistic life cycle approach to understand and control raw material variability through collaborative process analytics

Speaker: Gunnar Malmquist, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, R&D
Tue. Feb. 28 | 10:15 a.m

Designing the next generation single-use film: Utilizing materials science to meet performance requirements and security of supply needs

Speaker: Susan Burke, Staff Scientist, Material Science Leader
Tue. Feb. 28 | 10:45 am

Single-use technology and sustainability: Quantifying the environmental impact

Speaker: William P. Flanagan, Director, Ecoassessment CoE
Wed. March 1 | 10:15 am

Beyond single-use and high titer: More efficient facilities for the next frontier

Speaker: Parrish M. Galliher, Chief Technology Officer, Upstream Bioprocessing
Thur. March 2 | 8:05 am

Technology workshops:

Outsourcing biosimilars process development: A case study

Speaker: Cédric Bès, R&D Director, mAbxience
Tue. Feb. 28 | 11:50 am

Process liquids and buffer handling: Solutions for increased efficiency

Speaker: David Jones, Sr. Product Manager, Buffers and Process Liquids
Wed. March 1 | 7:15 am

Understanding sources of variation in chemically-defined media and feeds through raw material characterization

Speaker: Cory Card, Principal Scientist, Cell Culture
Wed. March 1 | 11:50 am

Address bioburden challenge and improve productivity with extended single-use downstream tools

Speaker: Josefin Bolik, Product Manager
Thur. March 2 | 11:50 am


Development of chemically-defined medium for virus vaccine production in a duck suspension cell line

Collaborating to address the bioburden challenge

Strategies for optimized cell culture media: Effectively using design space to influence product quality

Product showcase

Built for bioprocess

Fortem™, a single-use platform film built for bioprocess, offers the simplicity of qualifying one film across the full range of your single-use bioprocessing systems, saving you time, effort, and cost.
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Cytodex Microcarriers

Pre-sterilized microcarriers, ready to use for culturing adherent cells
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ReadyToProcess columns are prepacked, prequalified and presanitized and now is available in up to 32 L (450/200) column for production scale 1000-2000 L bioreactor harvests.
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Develop skilled bioprocess talent

Fast Trak has trained more than 500 students that benefit annually from hands-on training at our global education and training centers. Our experienced educators provide instruction in specialized manufacturing techniques for upstream and downstream process development.
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Five ways to intensify

Get to know downstream process intensification with our new online tool
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HyClone CDM4Avian

An economical and easy-to-use single formulation for cell propagation and viral production. CDM4Avian cell culture medium has a chemically defined and animal-derived component-free formulation well-suited for bioprocess applications.
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