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BioProduction Congress 2017

Oct. 17–18, 2017 | Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland | Booth #15

Join GE Healthcare at BioProduction Congress 2017

Boost productivity, strengthen performance, and speed results. Engage with GE to access industry expertise and discover how our pioneering technologies, agile services, and ability to design and construct complete facilities improve speed to market.

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Reimagine capacity

We are bringing an immersive digital experience to this year’s BioProduction event. Experience for yourself technologies to boost productivity and capacity in purification operations. Also discover an integrated platform that delivers improved efficiency for manufacturing a line or an entire facility at a fraction of the time and cost.

In addition to visiting booth #15, join us during our complimentary presentations and technical poster.


Plenary: Industry 4.0: a digital transformation to tackle productivity and growth challenges

Speaker: Dr. Dirk Voelkel, Chief Technology Officer, Innovation and Analytics, GE Healthcare
Tues. Oct. 17 | 9:30 am

Evaluation of a highly alkali stable Protein A resin for improved purification of monoclonal antibodies

Speaker: Jonathan Royce, Senior Product Manager, GE Healthcare
Wed. Oct. 18 | 12:10 pm

Technical poster:

Development of a perfusion process with automated control of the biomass

Product showcase

Improve process economy. FlexFactory single-use platform

Discover more about this qualified biomanufacturing platform based on GE’s single-use technology. It is an agile solution designed to fit your scale today and adapt to meet your needs tomorrow.
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Efficient, effective, and intuitive mixing. Xcellerex single-use mixers

Single-use systems that provide smart mixing solution for large-scale bioprocess mixing needs, covering upstream as well as downstream applications.
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Cost and impact of a bioburden incident. Strengthen downstream performance

Manufacturing biologicals is tricky. A major concern is the risk of microbial contamination, jeopardizing product safety and causing high costs. But there are solutions for decreasing the risks.
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Expedite molecule to market. Fast Trak services

Designed to take your molecule to market in the shortest time possible, while reducing costs, accelerating robust outcomes, and mitigating risk, all with full transparency.
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Purpose built for bioprocess. Fortem™ film

A single-use platform film offering the simplicity of qualifying one film across the full range of your single-use bioprocessing systems, saving you time, effort, and cost.
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Bring confidence to filtration. ÄKTA readyflux system

Reduce cross-contamination risk, address bioburden challenges, and expedite changeover time with this automated single-use filtration system for pilot- and small-scale manufacturing.
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