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BioProduction Congress

Oct. 8–10, 2018
Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland
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Speed and efficiency are critical elements of a biomanufacturing strategy and the right supplier can contribute to your business success. Discover how optionality minimizes capital investment risks, and dramatically increases speed to market. Engage with GE to gain access to our industry expertise and insights that boost productivity, increase output, strengthen performance, and speed results.

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Flexible biomanufacturing

Explore flexibility in an interactive manufacturing environment and see how quickly we can address your capacity needs.

This immersive digital experience will allow you to discover elements of an integrated platform that delivers improved efficiency for a manufacturing line or an entire facility at a fraction of the cost and time.


Reimagine capacity at BioProduction!

Explore productivity and flexibility during our sponsored sessions and poster presentations.

Plenary     Oct 9     10:10

Safeguarding the biomanufacturing supply chain: practical steps to manage raw material and process risks

Sofie Stille, GM, BioProcess Downstream, GE Healthcare, Sweden

Spotlight     Oct 9     15:10

Striving for bioprocessing excellence – balancing modern approaches to manufacturing

Fredrik Lundström, Product Manager, GE Healthcare, Sweden

Live Labs

Overcoming today’s bioprocessing challenges – this app can help

Modern bioprocessing faces significant challenges including the need for CAPEX investments that ensure process efficiency and speed to market. Meeting these demands requires the right technology from a trusted partner. Join GE Healthcare Life Sciences during the Live Labs Tour and experience a single-use biomanufacturing application that can simplify your journey. Learn about current trends and quickly identify solutions to overcome your specific pain points.

Technical poster

CHO cell perfusion culture development beyond 200 × 106 cells/mL

Perfusion culturing provides advantages such as short product retention time and toxic by-product removal. Here, we present a DoE-based workflow towards optimization of a CHO cell perfusion medium based on HyClone CDM4NS0 basal medium and Cell Boost supplements using TubeSpin bioreactors. The developed perfusion and basal media were verified using a ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system equipped with a 2 L Cellbag with internal perfusion filter. The developed process, run at 500 mL for 21 days, generated cell densities above 100 × 106 cells/mL with 90% viability for 12 days at 1–2 RV/d. Volumetric productivities between 1.5 and 6 g/L/d were achieved.




Improve process economy

FlexFactory single-use platform

Discover more about this qualified biomanufacturing platform based on GE’s single-use technology. It is an agile solution designed to fit your scale today and adapt to meet your needs tomorrow.

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Efficient, effective, and intuitive mixing

Xcellerex single-use mixers

Single-use systems that provide smart mixing for large-scale bioprocess applications, covering both upstream and downstream.

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Reimagine capacity for success

MabSelect PrismA protein A chromatography resin

Manufacturing biologicals is tricky. A major concern is the risk of microbial contamination, jeopardizing product safety and causing high costs. But there are solutions for decreasing the risks.

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Expedite molecule to market

Fast Trak services

Designed to take your molecule to market in the shortest time possible, while reducing costs, accelerating robust outcomes, and mitigating risk, all with full transparency.

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Experience compact scalability

ÄKTA pilot 600 chromatography system

Cost and speed are critical components in biomanufacturing. A compact chromatography system easily adjusts to needs whether it be developing a process or manufacturing at pilot scale.

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Enhance scalability and ease in bioprocess applications

HyClone VaccineXpress

Designed to support microcarrier cultures, VaccineXpress allows for direct or sequential adaptation, and is available in liquid and powder formats.

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