Capto HiRes columns
When the highest resolution matters in ion exchange chromatography (IEX)

New-generation resin for ion exchange chromatography

Capto HiRes is a new chromatography resin consisting of small, rigid chromatography beads designed for very high-resolution protein purification. The resin is available prepacked in Capto HiRes Q anion exchange and Capto HiRes S cation exchange chromatography columns. Two column dimensions are available for each.

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare

First choice columns where high resolution is essential

Capto HiRes columns deliver the highest resolution purifications in our range of laboratory-scale chromatography columns. They are suitable for:

  • Preparation of highly pure proteins, which is essential in for example, structural studies using techniques such as cryo-electron microscopy or protein crystallography. Read our article.
  • Protein analysis in research or quality control such as in the characterization of protein charge variants.

Capto HiRes replaces the well-established MonoBeads resin—transition made easy!

For continued compliance with human health and environment regulation in manufacturing (European Union REACH regulation), we have developed Capto HiRes to replace MonoBeads resin.

  • Capto HiRes Q column replaces Mono Q column
  • Capto HiRes S column replaces Mono S column

If you are already using our Mono S or Mono Q columns, there is no need to change experimental conditions. Capto HiRes columns will deliver similar chromatography profiles/selectivity, which means that further optimization should be minimal.

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