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June 2018 saw the 6th edition of the bi-annual Developments in Protein Interaction Analysis (DiPIA), held in Boston, MA, USA. Scientists from all over the globe came together to discuss the latest developments in biophysical characterization.

DiPIA brings together SPR users to 

  • share best practices, 
  • discuss ideas and challenges, and 
  • highlight new or novel applications. 

The goal is to take this knowledge forward to advance ongoing research worldwide.

We hope you enjoy this compilation of topics, discussions and information from DiPIA 2018.

What did the attendees say about DiPIA 2018…

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Biacore Insight Evaluation Software

Biacore Insight Evaluation Software offers intuitive workflow and application-specific evaluation software packages, tailored for Biacore 8K, Biacore 8K+,
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Get acquainted with how SPR technology is used for better protein characterization

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has become a go-to tool for biotherapeutic characterization, and most approved antibody therapeutics have passed through a Biacore SPR system.

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Conference topics and presentations

Characterization of biotherapeutics

The characterization of biotherapeutics was one of the seminal applications of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) when it was first commercialized in the early 1990’s. Hear the latest trends and applications.

Assessment of critical quality attributes of biotherapeutics

Current trends in QC applications of SPR with the objective of exploring best practices to meet current regulatory expectations.

Low molecular weight drug discovery and characterization

Biacore systems can be employed in drug discovery from the early stages of fragment-based drug discovery and hit screening through to detailed characterization of novel lead compounds.

From basic research to advanced applications

Scientists presenting their latest successes from the lab.

DiPIA poster session

Scientific poster presentations

A wonderful selection of scientific posters were presented at DiPIA 2018.


Biacore User Days

Join us for our GE Healthcare Biacore user meetings 2018 back by popular demand.

Discover exciting new research and applications while networking with researchers from academia and industry.  

  • Listen to presentations on the latest applications in biomolecular interactions.
  • Learn about new Biacore instrument and software capabilities including the recently launched Biacore 8K+ and Insight software, our flagship evaluation package.
  • Share best practices, knowledge, and 'tricks of the trade,' and network with colleagues in the field.