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Introducing enCORE v18
Powerful New Clinical Applications for Greater Bone and Body Composition Insights
Featuring new DXAVision™ technology.
DXAVision™ provides BMD and Body Composition in one easy, unified workflow. The DXAVision™
scan is designed to improve operator efficiency, resulting in a DXA scan that is up to 40% faster*
and a better experience for your patients.
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New user interface

With intuitive navigation and quick access to exam
site selection option.
Metabolic Health

Newly available: VAT Area and SAT results gain greater insight into trends
of body composition over time.
See separate SAT and VAT results with VAT customizable threshold to help in drawing
correlation between VAT and metabolic disorders such as diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases, obesity.
Smaller Body composition ROI are also available to monitor changes in lean mass
(ex : sport medicine).
Bone Health

• AFF User Customizable Threshold: set a threshold for femoral shaft beaking to
search for correlation between beaking and probability of AFF.
• TBS Embedded into enCORE Software.
• FRAX adjusted to TBS.
Windows 10 Compatibility

enCORE v18 offers compatibility with Windows 10 and New computer configurations:
• Faster processing power
• More memory (RAM)
• More storage
• Larger monitor


Flexible scanning options:

• Total Body Less Head for adult excludes head: ideal for assessing athletes and taller
patient that may not fit on the scan window.
• Neck to Knee for adult: start from just below the chin to the knee caps : 40% scan
time reduction*.

Suitable for athlete and patient that may be challenged with the
longer scan time of a traditional total body scan.

1.TBLH feature requires DXAVision or Sports Athletics package
2.Neck-to-Knee” feature requires DXAVision
Advanced Analytics


Create custom equations, ratios and thresholds to set actionable patient goals,
better monitor the results, understand the changes in BMD and body composition
in various ROI.

TBS embedded

Integrated workflow that provides analysis and reporting together for
TBS and bone density.
More clinical added values
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* Data on file with GE Healthcare, April 2019.
enCORE v18, Powerful New Clinical Applications for Greater Bone and Body Composition Insights