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As the world navigates the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at GE Healthcare support healthcare providers, partners, communities, and patients around the world in addressing it.
As time matters now more than ever, 
our Service organisation is here to keep you up and running


take on average less than 10 seconds to answer your calls should you need to speak to us about servicing your GE Healthcare equipment

We know that you have no time to lose in that difficult moment.
That’s why, with our Remote Service offering, you can have access to our team of 130 remote experts to give you real-time service solutions. When your system is connected, 37%* of failures are resolved remotely.

With ONWATCH™ activated

on your Imaging device, you get fully automated, 24/7 system monitoring which is capable of detecting a system failure before it occurs. Any deviation alerts our GE engineers who will then work to keep your operations running smoothly.


enables systems to be monitored remotely 24/7 and to be fixed at a more convenient time. Tube Watch allows proactive part delivery and service scheduling to help maximize uptime by getting the scanner restored quickly.

In addition, we have rolled out
Augmented Reality (AR) capability

to our remote engineers to reduce your dependency on waiting for a field engineer to come on site. Through secured video sharing, the AR application enables one of your on-site resources to directly share their point of view when experiencing an issue and bring the most advanced GE expertise “on site” in minutes.

GE remote engineers and your on-site contact will be able to share documents and interact directly on the video to ease the troubleshooting and reduce the downtime associated. Augmented Reality can support your on-site resource even if your systems are not connected, as it creates a virtual link between GE Healthcare and your equipment.


provides fast, easy ordering experience anytime day or night for GE parts and Accessories.


If a visit is needed, we have a team of more than 1,680 field engineers across Europe to help you fix any problem you might encounter.

More than 80%* of failures are solved remotely or in the first visit when it’s needed.

GE Healthcare also offers Repair Centre services on all portable devices with 7 repair centres across Europe

(Spain, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Hungary).

We are here to support you.
If your system is not yet connected

Connectivity is key for GE Healthcare to be able to provide remote support. There are many benefits associated with connecting your machines, including higher uptime due to direct remote support by GE experts, online technical and clinical support, enhanced analytics and decision support, the ability to perform remote health checks and secured communication. If you would like support in getting connected please fill out the following form

Do you need immediate assistance?
Please use the following methods to contact us:


The iLinq service provides one-touch access to GE Healthcare technical and clinical applications support, via the console so your technicians can keep scanning and stay on schedule. The iLinq button can be found on your GE Healthcare CT, MR, Cath Lab, Nuclear Medicine, PET-CT and Ultrasound equipment.

& MyGEHealthcare app

the iCenter website and its companion app MyGEHealthcare provide a simple and fast way to create and track service requests. If you do not have an iCenter profile, sign up here

GE Call Centre

The GE Call Centre can be reached at:
08457 333 999