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Online Aisys™ CS²
simulation training


Simulate the use of Aisys CS² anaesthesia machine through realistic, interactive experience.

For healthcare professionals, using simulation training means you can safely practice basic skills as well as more advanced work scenarios.


Access the active learning platform anytime, anywhere and receive feedback as you progress through the course. Enjoy the same benefits that other hospitals using the Aisys CS² simulation training are experiencing today:

Ensure all your staff is certified and re-certified - Show demonstrable level of advanced knowledge and skills for quality and risk assessments - Speed up learning gaps across permanent and temporary staff - Experience fast and easy onboarding - Offer flexibility thanks to online, remote, and self-paced solution - Provide high-level education during the entire lifespan of the Aisys CS² - Fulfill both the departmental and healthcare professionals’ needs in one - Testing knowledge at the end of the course via an assessment and get (re)certified upon full completion - Maximize knowledge transfer to the real world, potentially contributing to better patient care

Listen to your peers

Laurens van Houte
“The integration within our own learning environment was easy to set-up and our healthcare professionals could log in to LeQuest’s active learning platform from anywhere and at any time, using our trusted portal.”

Laurens van Houte

Department Head, OR

“LeQuest’s simulation training for the Aisys CS2 is very detailed and gives us a good idea of what the device looks like and what the different functions, options and workflows are. We are much faster prepared now to use this ventilator without ever having seen or used one in real life.”

Job Meirik

Team Coordinator Anaesthesia

Laurens van Houte