GE Healthcare | Breast Academy 2022

We are celebrating !
The 10th anniversary of the Breast Academy will bring the opportunity to listen to 18 leading international experts in the fields of Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis.

Highlights of our lively agenda:

the last decade’s Breast Imaging Markers
introduction of Breast Imaging vision by 2025 and beyond
Hot Topics in Breast Imaging Clinical Research
AI in Breast Imaging Emerging Trends
3rd & 4th November 2022
Learn more about the thought leaders and explore the detailed agenda:
Day 1: November 3rd

Session 1
Last Decade Breast Imaging Markers
Moderator : Dr. Inês Rossi Pereira, MD (Portugal)
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm WET
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis -
Clinical Evidence and Adoption
Prof. Per Skaane, MD, PhD (Norway)
After an overview of key clinical published data in breast cancer screening and diagnostic, Prof. Skaane (a pioneer in DBT clinical research) will remind the audience the global status of DBT adoption in breast imaging workflow.
Contrast-Enhanced Mammography - Clinical Performance
Prof. Francesco Sardanelli, MD, PhD (Italy)
As another major marker in breast imaging during the last decade, CEM was the subject of intense clinical and workflow research. Prof. Sardanelli will share with the audience a review of CEM clinical performance data and related impact in diagnostic, management decisions and therapy monitoring.
Contrast-Enhanced Mammography - ACR BI-RADS® Lexicon
Dr. Jordana Phillips, MD (USA)
The growing interest and use of CEM in breast imaging generated the need to reconcile terms used to describe image features and standardize examinations reporting.
Dr. Phillips (co-author) will present the process of generation and resulting proposed descriptors to be used for BI-RADS classification of CEM examinations, as published in a dedicated supplement to the Mammography section of the American College of Radiology BI-RADS® Atlas 5th edition.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm WET
Session 2
Breast Imaging Vision by 2025 and Beyond
Moderator : Prof. Francesco Sardanelli, MD, PhD (Italy)
4:15 pm - 6:15 pm WET
Breast Cancer Screening
Dr. Paolo Giorgi Rossi, PhD (Italy)
After an overview of main current national programs, Dr. Rossi (co-author of European Guidelines) will discuss trends, aims, and visions for improved breast cancer screening solutions, adequate implementation in new territories, target populations, increased participation rate, and further reduced mortality.
Diagnostic - Management – Monitoring
Prof. Miri Sklair-Levy, MD (Israel)
Along with screening, patient care pathway will continue to be another major marker in breast imaging in the next years. Prof. Sklair-Levy will present and discuss the needs and vision in terms of speed, accuracy and effectiveness in diagnostic, management decisions, treatment monitoring and patient experience.
Workflow & Cost-effectiveness
Recalls from Screening
Dr. Thiemo van Nijnatten, MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Based on a dedicated quantified clinical research and extensive experience, Dr. van Nijnatten will demonstrate the clinical, workflow and patient benefits of using CEM systematically for referrals from screening.
One-Day Breast Diagnosis
Dr. Marc Abehsera, MD - Prof. Mahasti Saghatchian, MD, MSc - Prof. Philippe Vielh, MD, PhD (France)
A team of multi-disciplinary specialists (radiologist, oncologist, pathologist) will share their respective experience and vision on the « one-day breast diagnosis » worklfow implementation within the Breast Center of a large hospital in Paris area.
One-Stop Clinic® for Breast
Dr. Sebastian Diaz-Botero (Colombia)
The speaker will share clinical experience, economics and vision on the implementation, workflow and daily use of « One-Stop Clinic® » process within a large healthcare organization in Colombia.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm WET
Day 2: November 4th

Session 3
Hot Topics in Breast Imaging Research
Moderator: Prof. Francesco Sardanelli, MD, PhD
8:30 am - 10:30 am WET
Managing Recalls from Screening
Dr. Ana Rodriguez Arana, MD (Spain)
After a summary of work-up imaging and interventional procedures, the presenter will discuss clinical, workflow and economic data collected from research in using CEM for women recalled from screening in a large academic institution in Barcelona.
CEM-guided Interventions
Prof. Anat Kornecki, MD (Canada)
A pioneer in using CEM-guided interventions, the speaker will present her team experience and latest clinical performance data on the technique, as collected from daily use in the breast imaging division of the Western Ontario University Hospital.
Calcifications Clusters – Impact of CEM-guided Biopsy
Dr. Valentina Iotti, MD (Italy)
Calcification clusters often generate recalls from screening, and require histological assessment. When extended, choosing the best area to biopsy may be challenging. The speaker will present initial results of a randomized clinical trial on using CEM-guided biopsy in such situations.
PET-MRI – Breast Applications
Dr. Ramona Woitek, MD (Austria & UK)
Integrated PET/MRI imaging is of growing interest in the oncological community. The speaker will present her research and initial clinical experience, especially with [18F]FLT-PET/MRI in the breast domain acquired at the University of Cambridge.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 10:00 am - 10:30 am WET
Session 4
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging –
Emerging Trends
Moderator : Dr. Inês Rossi Pereira, MD (Portugal)
11:00 am - 12:30 pm WET
CEM Data Set for AI Research
Prof. Maha Helal, MD - Prof. Rasha Kamal, MD (Egypt)
After an overview of expectations from artificial intelligence in diagnostic breast imaging, the speakers will present and discuss the specifications, collection and potential developments from a dedicated CEM data set for AI in breast cancer care facilities.
Innovations in Breast Ultrasound Improve Breast Cancer Management
Dr. Gianfranco Scaperrotta, MD – Dr. Catherine Depretto, MD (Italy)
Technology and AI are expected to improve clinical accuracy, workflow and cost-effectiveness of breast ultrasound. The speakers will present their experience from a large cancer care facility in Milan and will discuss innovation trends and vision on the role of ultrasound in the breast imaging pathway.
Automatic Classification of Breast Lesions in CEM Using AI
Prof. Miri Sklair-Levy, MD (Israel)
The routine use of contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) in the breast diagnostic imaging workflow is growing and screening higher risk women is under investigation. Automatic classification of CEM findings is expected to further improve clinical accuracy and cost-effectiveness. An early adopter of the technique, the speaker will present an overview of needs and expectations, then share her clinical experience with AI use on CEM images.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm WET