Join us for a 45-minute informative on-demand webinar with Dr. Martin Altersberger on the use of clinically-focused abdominal ultrasound in primary care settings. Followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of how and why abdominal ultrasound supports diagnosis and treatment across all clinical settings
  • Provide examples of abdominal ultrasound case studies to support the diagnosis and directly contribute to positive patient outcomes
  • Demonstrate how ultrasound supports flexible exam set up, including clinician and patient positioning in multiple scanning environments
  • Discuss best practices to achieving efficient clinical workflow

Who Should Attend:
Clinicians who perform or are interested in performing abdominal exams.

The on-demand webcast includes closed captions translated in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.

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Speaker Headshot

Dr. Martin Altersberger, MD
Director of Echo Laboratory

Implementing abdominal and vascular in a daily routine is a part of Dr. Altersberger's duty and passion, and it was early on in his medical training when he was spellbound by ultrasound. In 2014, he started lecturing about ultrasound and ultrasound training, both hands-on and online. This intensified in the following years and was always an integral part of all hospitals he was working in. Nowadays, Dr. Altersberger oversees the ultrasound training program in the state hospital in Steyr, Upper Austria in Austria with approximately 650 beds. He is currently the head of the echo laboratory there, focusing on advanced cardiac imaging and lung ultrasound with a research focus on strain imaging and lung ultrasound.