GE Healthcare
is a fast-paced environment, where seconds count, when life or death decisions are on the line. Communication is as critical as the patients being cared for. Quality data in the midst of a complex environment is more important than ever, with quality patient outcomes at stake.
Improving patient

CARESCAPE™ ONE patient monitor can help to secure patient intra hospital transport by reducing use errors by 60%.1

CARESCAPE™ R860 can help you identify patient decline sooner than traditional methods.2

Venue Go™ Auto VTI can provide up to 90% reduction in keystrokes and take up to 82% less time than manual method of calculations, as performed by experts.3

CARESCAPE™ ONE patient monitor can help to shorten patient transport time by 26% and patient preparation by 28%.1
Helping you to reduce cost of care

Indirect Calorimetry can reduce LOS by more than 2 Days.4

Centricity™ High Acuity can reduce length of stay by 19%.5
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Lunch Symposium
Monday, 30th September 12:30 – 14:00 • Room: GENEVA
Prof. Diederik Gommers
(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Individualized ventilation and monitoring strategies in ICU and beyond a continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach
Tailoring mechanical ventilation using Ultrasound and other advanced monitoring tools
Prof. Francesco Mojoli (Pavia, Italy)
Opportunities where AI could support individualized ventilation strategies
Dr. Marius Terblanche (London, UK)
Protecting ward patients: the case for continuous monitoring
Dr. Frederic Michard (Lausanne, Switzerland)
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