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is a fast-paced environment, where seconds count, when life or death decisions are on the line. Communication is as critical as the patients being cared for. Quality data in the midst of a complex environment is more important than ever, with quality patient outcomes at stake.

Improving patient

CARESCAPE™ ONE patient monitor can help to secure patient intra hospital transport by reducing use errors by 60%.1

CARESCAPE™ R860 can help you identify patient decline sooner than traditional methods.2

Venue Go™ Auto VTI can provide up to 90% reduction in keystrokes and take up to 82% less time than manual method of calculations, as performed by experts.3

CARESCAPE™ ONE patient monitor can help to shorten patient transport time by 26% and patient preparation by 28%.1
Helping you to reduce cost of care

Indirect Calorimetry can reduce LOS by more than 2 Days.4

Centricity™ High Acuity can reduce length of stay by 19%.5

Move to digital solutions for ICUs
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The race to catch up
Practical patient care - Spring 2020 edition
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