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Breast Academy 2021 Breast Academy 2021
With 9th edition of the Breast Academy you will have the opportunity to listen leading international experts in the fields of Breast Cancer Detection and diagnosis.
In this lively discussion, we will explore:
The strong clinical performances and experience with CEM in the entire Breast Care pathway
The latest clinical research advances and vision with CEM
Artificial Intelligence in Breast cancer detection: present principles, challenges, and practical implementations
Breast Academy Live TV • 3rd & 4th November 2021 • On-demand sessions
Learn more about the topics that will be discussed during the live and on our thought leaders
DAY 1: November 3rd
Moderator: Dr. Inês Rossi Pereira
Session 1
Contrast-Enhanced Mammography - Still A "Candidate" Modality?
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Screening Dense Breasts: Overview of Guidelines and Current Practices
Dr. Athina Vourtsis, MD, PhD (Greece)
The Organization of Dense Breast Information liaison leader for Europe (Dr. Vourtsis) will refresh the audience on the clinical challenge, current global and regional guidelines and practices in screening dense breasts..
Screening Dense Breasts: Why CEM?  Clinical Evidence & Plaidoyer
Dr. Marc Lobbes, MD, PhD (The Netherlands)
After a summary of clinical literature, arguments will be developed and clinical cases illustrated as a / an advocacy for using functional imaging (CEM in particular) in screening dense breasts.
Diagnosis: CEM as a Case Solver
Dr. Flavia Sarquis, MD (Argentina)
Following an overview of current breast imaging work-up techniques, a detailed presentation of CEM clinical evidence and workflow interest will be illustrated with relevant clinical cases.
Diagnosis: CEM Impact on Biopsy after Recall from Screening
Dr. Simone Schiaffino, MD (Italy)
After refreshing the audience on the general problem of biopsy indications after screening recalls, the potential role of CEM in reducing the burden of excessive interventions in the diagnostic pathway will be presented and illustrated.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Session 2
Contrast-Enhanced Mammography - Still A "Candidate" Modality?
4:30 pm - 5:45 pm
Management Decisions & Follow-up: CEM and Extent of Disease
Pr. Maha Helal & Pr. Rasha Kamal (Egypt)
After a refresher on all standard of care imaging methods, the presenters will discuss and illustrate specifically the role of CEM in pre‑surgical management decisions and surgical planning..
CEM Guided biopsy: How I Do It?
Dr. Rodrigo Alcantara Souza (Spain)
After an introduction of CEM‑guided biopsy principles, detailed practical, organizational and workflow aspects will be presented and discussed.
CEM Guided biopsy: Initial Clinical Performance
Dr. Anat Kornecki (Canada)
Based on clinical experience, the presenter will share and illustrate the most relevant indications for CEM‑guided biopsy.
Clinical experience & Clinical cases
Dr. Ruxandra Pietrosanu (UK)
Following an introduction on breast cancer chemotherapy monitoring, CEM clinical performance evidence and speaker’s experience will be presented and illustrated.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 5:45 pm - 6:00 pm
DAY 2: November 4th
Moderator: Pr. Francesco Sardanelli
Session 1
Hot Topics in CEM R
8:30 am - 10:00 am
CEM Lexicon: Validation Study
Pr. Avidan Neumann & Dr. Eva Fallenberg (Germany)
CEM descriptors (combination of those in the mammography and breast MRI BI-RADS atlas sections, respectively regarding morphology and contrast enhancement behavior) will be summarized. Combinations of these descriptors and associated clinical performance will be presented for masses and calcifications, as derived from a multi-case, multi-reader study.
Work-up after Recall from Screening: Non-mass calcifications biopsy under CEM
Dr. Valentina Iotti (Italy)
The presenter will share and discuss initial results of a study investigating CEM capability to guide indication and extension of biopsy areas in cases displaying suspicious calcifications without associated mammographic mass.
Work-up after Recall from Screening: CEM Enhancement Level vs Histopathology
Pr. Elżbieta Łuczyńska (Poland)
As breast MRI, CEM may enhance some benign lesions. The presentation will share the results from research and associated clinical study on the possibility to use quantitative contrast enhancement level on CEM as an additional decision factor in whether a lesion requires immediate biopsy or not.
CESM Research - Where do we go from here
Dr. Maxine Jochelson (USA)
After a refresher on the The American College of Radiology Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS), the addition of a dedicated CEM section (along with those for mammography, ultrasound and MRI) aimed to standardize CEM interpretation and reporting will be presented and discussed.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 10:00 am - 10:15 am
10.45 am - 12:00 pm
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging: Introduction
Pr. Isabelle Castiglioni & Pr. Francesco Sardanelli (Italy)
An exchange between a data scientist and a radiologist will refresh the audience on the principles, challenges and potential steps required for the deployment of AI in breast imaging.
Breast Ultrasound - AI Decision Support on Lesion Assessment
Dr. Kinda Douaidari (United Arab Emirates)
The evaluation work performed on the Koios product and which will be reported at the Breast Academy.
Breast MRI - AI Impact on diagnostic confidence
Dr. Vicente Martinez de Vega (Spain)
Clinical experience with AI in breast MRI and impact on diagnostic confidence will be presented and illustrated with relevant cases.
3D Mammography - Deep Learning CAD for DBT
Dr. Axel Gräwingholt (Germany)
The presenter will share and illustrate clinical and workflow experience from the routine use of a deep learning CAD in a large private practice.
PANEL DISCUSSION: 12.00 pm - 12:15 pm