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Our fastest,
ECG ever, thanks to Smart Acquisition


One workstation featuring seamless integration, for all of your ECG work


ECG-system security

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Inspired by you

Inspired by you

Innovation with a 360° view of your world

We spent hundreds of hours with clinicians and IT professionals
to identify today's biggest ECG challenges. From inconsistent quality to repeat ECGs, multiple new users to poor integration with hospital systems, inferior ergonomics to increased security threats, we heard it all.

And we listened.

Smart tools. Smart decisions.

Physicians must have accurate, detailed information to deliver critical diagnoses with speed and confidence. MAC VU360 features the full suite of GE Healthcare's ECG analysis programs.

Smart tool
  • 12SL™ provides proven accuracy and quality that meet industry standards and guidelines.
  • Whether you're taking a 12-lead or rhythm ECG, your ST segment will be consistently accurate thanks to the Zero Phase Distortion (ZPD).
  • High-definition pacemaker detection identifies artificial pacing not visible on ECG waveform.
  • Improved left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) recognition by adding Cornell criteria, in accordance with ACC/AHA recommendations, to identify which are positive.
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More flow in your workflow

Total integration with select EMR/EHR and ECG-management applications

MAC VU360 adjusts to your workflow, saving you time and providing access to powerful patient data, when and where you need.

  • ECG workflow

    Create an order at the time of ECG, close the ECG workflow in the EMR, document critical test results, or access the complete EMR for clinical patient information.*

  • prior clinical studies

    Make faster, more informed cardiac-care decisions by comparing current and previous ECGs right at the bedside, immediately routing ECGs for overread, or reviewing prior clinical studies stored in the MUSE™ system.

  • MAC VU360

    MAC VU360 supports DICOM ECG workflows, giving you the freedom to select from a wide variety of third party CVIS, EMR/EHR and ECG-management systems.

*Integration available with select EMR systems, contact your GE sales representative for details.


Supports bi-directional communication between MUSE and DICOM based systems

Integrated for efficiency
MUSE and DICOM based systems
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Maintaining patient data security

Secure your way

Because we put a premium on your peace of mind

Naturally, with today's hyperconnected data environment, you worry about patient privacy and data protection. Simply stated, MAC VU360 is our most secure ECG ever.

  • E-Deliverable

    E-Deliverable security software updates are included with every MAC VU360 purchase, allowing you to maintain total control over the update process.

  • support data integrity

    Patient data encryption, username/password authentication, and secure network connections support data integrity.

  • strong central security

    A strong central security team is constantly developing additional security patches to address vulnerabilities as needed.

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