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At GE HealthCare, we make this vision a reality. Collaborations with fellow innovators like SonoThera™ help us further push boundaries.

GE HealthCare recently entered into an agreement with SonoThera to use Optison™ (Perflutren Protein-Type A Microspheres Injectable Suspension, USP) microbubble product with their ultrasound-guided gene therapy platform.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see Important Safety Information about Optison, including Boxed Warning.

SonoThera’s preclinical testing has demonstrated that the platform can address many of the key delivery challenges facing current gene therapy approaches.

  • It uses sonoporation, a microbubble-mediated biophysical process to non-invasively deliver products of diverse formats and sizes, with the ability to target a wide range of organs
  • Unlike traditional gene therapies, their platform doesn’t require viral vectors which can be immunogenic and lead to safety and efficacy challenges

SonoThera’s development strategy and vision aligns with our dedication to provide solutions to help make clinicians more effective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier and happier.

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About SonoThera™

SonoThera is a biotechnology company dedicated to treating the root cause of human disease through genetic therapy, to develop an ultrasound-guided, nonviral gene therapy platform to treat patients with the next generation of genetic medicines.



Serious cardiopulmonary reactions, including fatalities, have occurred uncommonly during or following perflutren-containing microsphere administration. Most serious reactions occur within 30 minutes of administration
  • Assess all patients for the presence of any condition that precludes Optison administration
  • Always have resuscitation equipment and trained personnel readily available

INDICATIONS AND USAGE: OPTISON is indicated for use in patients with suboptimal echocardiograms to opacify the left ventricle and to improve the delineation of the left ventricular endocardial borders.

CONTRAINDICATION: Do not administer OPTISON to patients with known or suspected hypersensitivity to perflutren or albumin.

ADVERSE EVENTS: The most frequently reported adverse reactions in clinical trials were headache, nausea and/or vomiting, warm sensation or flushing and dizziness. Cardiac arrests and other serious but nonfatal adverse reactions were uncommonly reported in post-approval use. Reports also identified neurologic reactions (loss of consciousness or convulsions) as well as anaphylactoid reactions.

Please see Full Prescribing Information for Optison here.

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