1 baby in 10 is born premature. Worldwide. And the number is rising.
In Nordics, about 6-7 % of babies are born premature. In Denmark and Norway that’s about 4000 babies per year, in Finland about 3.600 babies and in Sweden 6.500 babies per year*

At GE Healthcare, we are partnering with the four Nordic prematurity organizations and EFCNI, the European foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants, to help ensure every baby has the best start.

World Prematurity Day November 17th

World Prematurity Day is an important day of the year to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth.

On World Prematurity Day, we recognize you for the incredible work you do on a daily basis. We see you and support you, not just with equipment and technology, but with a shared calling to care for premature babies and their moms.

On November 17th, we go purple. Purple stands for sensitivity and exceptionality and has become a common symbol to mark the day. Various buildings and landmarks across Nordics – and the rest of the world – will light up in purple – shining a light for preterm babies and their families.

Join us to spread awareness. Go purple! Decorate with purple where possible.

Partnership with the Nordic Prematurity Organizations
Chairman of the Swedish
Prematurity Organization,
Svenska Prematurförbundet &
doctor at Södersjukhuset
“In the Nordic countries, we can be grateful for the privilege of saving almost all of the tiniest babies. But the need of awareness around family centered care and the continued care chain is immense. That is why we at Svenska Prematurförbundet organize webinars at World Prematurity day to bring families, doctors, nurses, politicians and public together – to learn from each other, to react and to improve care for all future families.”

Website: https://prematurforbundet.se
Facebook: Prematurförbundet
Chairman of the Danish
Prematurity Organization,
Præmatur Forening

“Our focus is on supporting families with premature children and the professionals who support them. We also help spread knowledge about their special needs throughout childhood and the constant research being undertaken. On November 17th, we send a package with gifts for families in the NICUs with a thank you to the staff. We have online activities including a Facebook page where parents can thank the nurses and doctors who supported them during their stressful stay in the NICU. This year our focus with be on the siblings of premature children who also need special attention.”

Website: www.praematur.dk
Facebook: Dansk Præmaturforening

Chairman of the Norwegian
Prematurity Organization,

“We are committed to drawing attention to premature birth. Our goal is to improve the lives of preterm children and their families. The crucial thing is not how much time, money or manpower you have. Even simple things can have an effect. Purple lighting, and a pair of tiny baby socks among the nine bigger baby socks, are common symbols of world premature day. We’ll have local seminars and activities on November 17th and have made sure there’ll be purple lightning across Norway on this day.”

Website: www.prematurforeningen.no
Facebook: Prematurforeningen

Chairman of the Finnish
Prematurity Organization,
“On World Prematurity Day 2021, we’re organizing two Zoom events and a social media event. It’s important to raise awareness of prematurity, but also to let preemie families know that they are not alone – peer support is available, and we are here for you. Join our WPD Facebook event - articles and news about prematurity, peer support stories and pictures of the light up campaign will be posted to the event during the whole day of November 17th. You can follow us on FB and IG: @keskosperheet."


Website: www.kevyt.net
Facebook: keskosperheet
Instagram: keskosperheet

Swedish Prematurity Organization

Svenska Prematurförbundet – Forhindra,
Forklara, Förbättra

About Svenska Prematurförbundet
Svenska Prematurförbundet is a non-profit organization consisting of local associations from different parts of Sweden. Their heart’s desire is to improve the situation of premature babies and their families.

The organization works to strengthen the voice of premature children in society through information, opinion formation and parental support. It pursues issues concerning the situation of premature children and their families, including for example prevention, neonatal care, preschool, school, maternity care and childcare. Prematurförbundet organizes webinars, podcasts and other events throughout the year and on World Prematurity Day.

Danish Prematurity Organization

Dansk Præmatur Forening - En for tidlig start på livet

About Dansk Præmatur Forening
The Danish prematurity organization was established in May 2000, on the initiative of Jonna Jepsen, mother of extremely premature twins. She missed a place to turn about premature babies and founded the association together with a group of parents who were in the same situation. The organization is committed to drawing attention to premature birth and to inform and disseminate knowledge of premature babies. The association is run by volunteer forces and is a forum where parents can meet understanding and do not have to explain and defend.


The association actively interferes in the media debate, influences politicians, publishes information material and motivates more to research. Other activities include telephone support, local community groups, premature publications, press releases and helping families and institutions that need it.

Norwegian Prematurity Organization

Prematur Foreningen - Noen av de største miraklene i verden er ganske små

About Prematur Foreningen
The Norwegian premature association is run voluntarily by parents of preterm children. The association was established in 1988 on the initiative of the neonatal ward and a group of parents at Ullevål Hospital. Prematur foreningen works to ensure that all parents, hospitals, health centers, kindergartens and schools receive the best information about premature children.


The association creates various materials about prematurity and the challenges involved to help institutions and support families. On World Prematurity day, they coordinate purple lighting on various buildings and landmarks all over Norway and arrange local events to spread awareness around premature children.

Finnish Prematurity Organization

Kevyt - Keskosperheiden yhdistys

About Kevyt
The Finnish association of premature families, Kevyt, was founded in 1997 at the Helsinki Children’s Clinic in Meilahti. It operates entirely on a voluntary basis and works to provide peer support and recreation for premature families; share information about preterm infancy; promote cooperation between professionals caring for premature infants and premature families; and affect the well-being and equality of premature families.


Kevyt’s activities include publications, forum, social media channels and Facebook group for members, organization of events, peer support and peer group activities and collaboration with various professionals and volunteers. In addition, Kevyt annually selects the Premature Influencer of the Year based on proposals. The election is announced on World Prematurity Day on November 17th. On this day, Kevyt also organizes an annual event for premature children in Finland with a changing theme.

GE Healthcare Perinatal Care

GE Healthcare’s Maternal-Infant Care business mission is “To help send moms and babies home healthy”, offering a complete portfolio of perinatal and neonatal equipment and solutions that help clinicians provide exceptional care to women and their new born babies.


EFCNI Partnership to help ensure every baby has the best start

From 1st of June, 2020, GE Healthcare Maternal Infant Care division and European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants, EFCNI, have officially kicked off the platinum partnership. GE Healthcare and the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants, EFCNI, announce their collaboration to achieve their common goal: Preserving today the potential of tomorrow.


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