- Impact of MRI geometric distortion on dosimetric distribution
- How we implemented/switched from CT+MRI to MRI only RT planning
- MRI Planner in clinical routine
- The technology behind MRI Planner

LIVE Q&A with our panel of experts 


  • How MR-only comprehensive radiotherapy planning technology can help support accuracy and streamline clinical workflows
  • How this deep-learning technology can create a synthetic CT for a comprehensive view, particularly for head, neck, pelvis and brain
  • How synthetic CT may help you in transitioning to MR-only planning 
  • How to implement this new AI technology with your MR equipment
  • Achieving quality assurance (QA) of MR-only radiation therapy
  • Improving your patients’ experience with precise treatment delivery 

Radiologists, Physicists, Radiotherapists, Medical Oncologists and more

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Additional Panelists & Moderator

Rickard Cronholm portrait 350x350.jpg

Rickard Cronholm
PhD, Medical Physicist,  Project Mgr MRI Planner

Rickard Cronholm received hist masters degree at Lund University, Sweden, and his PhD at Denmark Technical University. Rickard has five years of clinical experience in the field of external beam radiotherapy. Joined Spectronic Medical as a senior developer in 2017 and was appointed as project manager for MRI Planner in 2018.

Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson portrait 350x350.jpg

Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson
MD, PhD. Associate Professor

Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson a radiation oncologist at Skåne University Hospital. A senior consultant since ten years with main clinical focus on radiotherapy and pelvic malignancies. An Associate professor at Lund University with main research focus on radiotherapy for prostate cancer.


Sampath Kandala
General Manager, Radiation Oncology

GE Healthcare

Meet our Speakers

Organized by GE Healthcare and Spectronic Medical 

Learn How AI and MR-only Radiotherapy Planning

Can Transform Your Cancer Outcomes

Hear from leading experts how new MR-only radiotherapy planning with AI

has changed the game in precision cancer care 

Date: Tuesday, April 5th
4:00pm – 5:00pm CET

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