[On-Demand Webinar Series] Episode 2

Can We Help ‘Solve’ Sepsis, Together?
Sepsis and Fake News… Looking Beyond the Hype 

Within Dr. Mervyn Singer’s arsenal of extensive research and publications, Sepsis is a primary area of focus. In this presentation, Dr. Singer dives deep into his sepsis related findings, followed by an insightful discussion, and a live attendee Q&A.

Topics Covered:

• "Misleading" epidemiology
• Confusing management policies and their impact
• Patient frailty implications
• Discussion: "avoidable" vs. unavoidable death

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GE Healthcare and Roche Diagnostics are bringing together our experience in the clinical care setting and in the lab to address one of the most significant challenges in healthcare. We envision a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to empower clinicians to detect patient deterioration before it’s too late. Our first target is sepsis.