[On-Demand Webinar Series] Episode 3

Can We Help ‘Solve’ Sepsis, Together?
Augmented Intelligence for Healthcare… and Sepsis

How will Artificial Intelligence augment the future delivery of medical care? As this becomes the reality of medicine, which strategic approaches do you think will effectively get us there?

Watch as the quest to ‘solve’ sepsis continues with Dr. Jeff Hersh and our partner, Sepsis Alliance. Dr. Hersh’s insights and conversation attempts to answer these questions, in this engaging next episode, Augmented Intelligence for Healthcare… and Sepsis.

Topics Covered

• The potential impact of AI on future best practices of medical care and the treatment of sepsis
• Defining bottom up and top down approach to AI
• The benefits of a "digital twin" in different diagnosis

This on-demand recording also includes intriguing attendee questions about their daily challenges. Find out what you missed and download Dr. Hersh’s presentation today!

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GE Healthcare and Roche Diagnostics are bringing together our experience in the clinical care setting and in the lab to address one of the most significant challenges in healthcare. We envision a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to empower clinicians to detect patient deterioration before it’s too late. Our first target is sepsis.