GE Healthcare Services

Solutions that fit the scale and needs of your organization. 

Create a healthier bottom line for your entire healthcare system.

Equipment downtime, underutilization and on-site issues are all financial burdens on your healthcare system. Let us work with you to co-create a plan to help remove these issues, allowing you to reach your financial goals, make spending more predictable and provide insights to plan for the future.


Locate, organize and allocate your equipment more efficiently.

Maximizing the utilization of your medical devices is one of the most effective ways to make your healthcare system more efficient and profitable. At GE Healthcare Services, we’ll work with you to put our device tracking technology in place that is customized to your healthcare organizations needs.

Protect your patients and organization from cyberthreats.

More than ever, it’s important to protect against external threats to your patients’ medical information and the devices that store that information across your organization. Together we will create a customized, system-wide plan to help you combat and protect against these threats.


Track your equipment across your entire organization.

Knowing where every medical device is throughout your entire healthcare system can be a daunting task. We can help you do just that. With products like Encompass and OnWatch, we’ll help provide a transparent view of every device in your organization.

Keep your equipment up-and-running, instead of down-and-out. 

There’s nothing more disruptive than equipment that’s not available when you need it. It can lead to lengthy repairs, costly downtime, as well as frustrated patients and staff. Together we can identify problems before they happen, and in most cases, repair them remotely. Which means more care to more patients.


Take care of your staff as well as they take care of their patients.

Your staff is more satisfied when they are focusing on delivering optimal clinical outcomes and not on trying to locate misplaced equipment, the frustration of equipment failures or worrying about their protection. We work with you to put the proper systems in place to help remove these obstacles, making for a more protected and productive staff.