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GE Healthcare's Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) can provide your practice with an alternative to MRI to enhance clinical confidence for your patients.

SenoBright™ Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography uses an iodinated contrast agent and dual-energy X-ray acquisition at low radiation dose. It can provide morphological images similar to standard digital mammograms, along with contrast-enhanced images of abnormal vascular development and areas of unusual blood flow that may indicate the presence of tumors.

We continue to lead the way with the next generation of Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CESM). SenoBright™ HD.

The Benefits of Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography for Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Dr. Anat Kornecki, Southwest Regional Cancer Program, St. Joseph Health Care

Shorter time to treatment

These presentations represent the clinical practice and views of Southwest Regional Cancer Program, St. Joseph Health Care. Factors that should be considered by clinicians include cleared and approved product labeling and guidelines provided by medically sourced organizations. Dr. Kornecki specializes in Breast Imaging and Diagnosis and receives financial support from GE Healthcare.


Reshape the mammography experience focusing on comfort, clarity and confidence.

  • A 3D mammography system that is more inviting and more comfortable resulting in a better overall breast exam experience.1

  • A new ergonomic design to help reduce physical strain with dedicated functionalities for easier patient positioning.

  • Delivers superior diagnostic accuracy at the same dose as 2D FFDM.2