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Salary report for radiologists and radiology technologists

The science of using medical imaging to take a look inside the human body and to offer a diagnosis or implement a treatment based upon this is not a particularly new one. Physicians have been using X-rays and other techniques since the 19th century, and continue to use them to this day.

True to this history, modern radiologists and radiology technologists continue to play a role in the treatment of patients, potentially saving lives through expert diagnoses and analyses.

As you might expect from such a profession, radiologists, for the most part, receive a high level of remuneration for their efforts when compared to the national salary average.

Studies also show good levels of job satisfaction among radiologists. But prospective candidates need to know more than this. They need to know more about what they can expect in terms of salary and bonuses in their region or area of specification.

In this report, we aim to cut through the uncertainty and deliver a more reliable insight into the current health of the field. In doing so, we aim to provide those interested in a career in radiology, or those reassessing their own options after several years of working in this capacity, the information to make effective decisions for their own futures. We will bring together data from a variety of different reputable sources in an effort to create the most insightful report currently available in the industry, as well as analyzing trends in the job market and gaining the qualitative viewpoints of experts and professionals in the field.

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