Make GE Healthcare your contrast media supplier of choice

We are committed to you, your patients, and their procedures. Because of this, we have taken steps to help ensure that we can meet your growing patient demand with a continual supply of contrast media (CM).

Did you know that the key component of iodinated CM is actually a restricted resource?



We have invested more than $240 million in the past five years1 – to increase our capacity to deliver contrast media, and we will continue to invest in the future

Both our primary API production and secondary filling and finishing capacity increased by more than 50% from 2013 to 2018.1

API, active pharmaceutical ingredient.




A broad portfolio of products – and a growing demand for our products

To meet the demand of our customers, we have a broad portfolio of products across different modalities.

As the global demand for X-ray contrast media products has increased by more than 20% in the last three years,2 we have strategically planned ways to help secure our supply of products.


Currently, 89% of the world’s iodine supply comes from just two countries3

With rapid patient and procedural growth, the demand for iodinated X-ray contrast media (CM) is at risk of outpacing supply.

As one of the world’s largest users of iodine, we have long-term agreements in place with global suppliers to help ensure that we continue to reliably supply one-third of the world’s X-ray CM.2

Added value of working with GE Healthcare for your contrast media products

Range of Products

Our products are available in a range of concentrations and volumes, and package sizes and types, to meet our customers’ procedural needs

Variety of Products

We have between 1,100 and 1,200 individual SKUs globally to meet all our customers’ needs

Trusted Products

Our products are used in more than 70 million procedures every year. That’s equivalent to two patients being injected every second4

Smart Packaging

Packaging designed for your workplace efficiency and safety6-8

Diversified Suppliers

We have multiple suppliers for the security of iodine supply

Commitment to Quality

One in five employees working at our four global manufacturing sites works in quality assurance/quality control9

Good Manufacturing Practice-Accredited5

All sites are current Good Manufacturing Practice-accredited and work closely with regulatory agencies globally to ensure high-quality production

End-to-End Manufacturing

GE Healthcare is a vertically integrated supplier of CM from primary active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacture to filling and packaging

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