Through the Edison Developer Program, GE Healthcare is leading the drive toward building and deploying innovative HealthTech applications. These applications are designed to meet healthcare providers’ ever-changing needs and assist them in their goals to maximize quality of care while improving efficiency.

Through the Edison Developer Program, independent software vendors and developers can participate in a global healthcare ecosystem with millions of potential customers. Dedicated experts at GE Healthcare champion builders and help them to navigate the complex healthcare environment at every step, from development, to deployment, and distribution. This is done so the focus can remain on building innovative applications and to help builders sidestep hurdles that inevitably slow down the time to market. The Edison Developer Program is purpose-built to streamline the development process, maximize the ease of deployment, and speed up the number of steps that lead to market access.

Arvind Raghu
Principal Product Manager – Healthcare API
GE Healthcare

20 year healthcare sales executive focused on improving the patient and staff experience, while reducing cost. Areas of expertise Artificial Intelligence, healthcare consulting, IT, medical imaging, sale leadership and marketing. Prior to joining MaxQ Randy held multiple leadership roles at GE Healthcare and Philips.

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