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Frost & Sullivan 2017 Best Practice Award

Improve Financial Performance with Award-winning Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Revenue cycle processes and workflows are receiving unprecedented attention, as providers realize they must take every measure to maximize revenue and address inefficiencies and shortfalls in getting paid fully and on time.

With its strong performance, CentricityTM Business has earned the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award.

Download the award summary to learn how hospitals, ambulatory practices, specialty practices, health plans, billing companies, and managed services are improving A/R days, cost to collect, denials, and other financial outcomes with this technology.

Centricity Business helped Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center achieve revenue cycle management outcomes critical to their financial success.

Download case study.

Indigent care billing

Reduced hospital &
physician A/R days

Reduced cost to

GE Healthcare: The right partner for revenue cycle excellence

Hear GE Healthcare's customers speak about what it takes to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare environment and how we're constantly innovating to help our partners thrive in the world of value-based care.

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