The Future of X-ray
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Diagnostic Confidence: Helix™ Advanced Image Processing

What if X-rays revealed insights at the first image to help you innovate and improve outcomes?

Get the diagnostic clarity you need from that first X-ray. Helix Advanced Image Processing delivers sharp detail and consistent performance in X-ray, despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions.


Up to 40%* increase in detectability of fine structures

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Extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose in every X-ray image

Incredible Image Quality

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Consistent brightness and contrast

Helix delivers consistent brightness and contrast across variations in dose exposure with Smart Windowing and enhanced Contrast Restoration.


Join us in creating the future of X-ray - today.
A new frontier in digital X-ray image quality.

The future is now! No more unnecessary image adjustments and repeated exams. With GE X-ray systems, it's just sharp detail and the balanced contrast and brightness you need at low dose, right from that very first image.

X-Ray Equipment
X-Ray Equipment

*Source: GE whitepaper: High resolution for improved visualization (DOC2045904).

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