It takes vision to invent ECL imaging and continue to improve upon it.

Introducing the Amersham™ Imager 680

Experience counts, and GE Healthcare has been bringing continuous improvement in ECL imaging since 1993. From our experience with Fujifilm™ comes the Amersham Imager 680, a sensitive, robust, and easy-to-use CCD imager designed to provide publication-quality images of DNA and protein gels and blots.

No binning mode
See more with increased sensitivity and resolution
Unique “no binning” mode to help you see closely spaced bands better
molecular weights
Easily determine molecular weights
Automatic color marker overlay for chemiluminescence images
molecular weights
Do more with flexible imaging options
Choose from 4 different chemiluminescent imaging modes with adjustable exposure times and increments
Image and analyze easier than ever before
Easily evaluate complex experiments with intuitive on-board analysis software
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