Make better decisions with greater insights

Visible Data. Optimized Assets.

A cross-functional solution

  • Clinicians

    "iCenter gives me an accurate picture of how many exams are performed per day on each particular scanner. That information can help guide operational and staffing decisions".

    Jennifer Brown, Coordinator of MRI Services, Inland Imaging¹

  • Biomedical and Clinical Engineers

    "Based on the benchmarks, we can tell whether we are doing a good job of using our equipment to the fullest. The iCenter data confirms our belief that we are very efficient in our device utilization".

    Jennifer Brown, Coordinator of MRI Services, Inland Imaging.¹

  • Department Directors and Executives

    "We often present information from the tool to our administrative staff to give them a snapshot of what is going on with the equipment from a service and asset utilization perspective".

    Jennifer Brown, Coordinator of MRI Services, Inland Imaging¹.

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A real-time application that gives you 24/7 updates and insightful information of your asset status and operations with MR* performance indicators and alerts.

With UpdateMe, information is delivered to your Mobile devices 24/7, helping you to make the right decision on time with best insights, an easy way to connect with us, and improve the confidence in delivering patient care and workflow optimization.

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