Empower your health systems with GE Healthcare's Enterprise Data Hub

The GE Healthcare Enterprise Data Hub shares data and images from across the care delivery network anywhere, anytime1 through a secure and regulatory compliant IT ecosystem that promotes uninterrupted clinical workflow and interoperability. Edison™ Datalogue™ is the first component of the Enterprise Data Hub which is comprised of the GE Healthcare Vendor Neutral Archive, analytics, and a collaboration suite of tools that bring together clinically relevant data needed to provide timely patient care.

This solution:

  • Enables a holistic, 360˚ view of the patient image record that will help to streamline your workflows, increase operational efficiency and financial performance
  • Provides collaboration tools to share images and data between providers, across clinical teams and with patients anywhere, anytime1
  • Provides a secure and vendor-neutral archive to promote uninterrupted workflow across the care delivery network with your existing IT solutions
  • Provides actionable insights from enterprise data that enables analytics-based operational, financial, and clinical decision making
  • Ensures high data quality to provide a platform for the evolution of your healthcare’s infrastructure

Connect your healthcare organization to your community and provide advanced coordination, business intelligence and a patient-centric, enterprise-wide imaging records to your healthcare providers and administration.

Achieve Enhanced Outcomes with Enterprise Data Hub

  • Patient Experience

    Significantly decrease repeat imaging

  • Physician Experience

    Reduce 30-1202 minutes in preparation time for care team meetings

    Enhance patient outcomes

    Save up to $50K3 a year in collaboration costs

  • Cost/efficiency

    Increase clinical productivity by up to 30%4 while saving up to $1M5 annually through consolidation

Clinicians can find a patient by either of their MRNs and see all of the patients imaging and records. This helps make patients safer, providers more efficient, and save costs with the consolidation.


800,000 to 1.3 million duplicate exams could be avoided to create savings from $47 million to $71 million4

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Increase productivity and enhance patient care with image access within clinical workflow with Edison™ Datalogue™

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  5. University of Washington Case Study