Phacilitate 2018

22–25 January 2018 Miami, Fl.

Accelerate your cell therapy journey

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At GE, we're investing in cell therapy technologies to help reduce risk, improve speed to market and deliver on the needs of our customers. In this evolving industry, we serve customers in the cell processing and production, cell banking and point of care specialties.

Visit us at Phacilitate to learn more about the systems and technologies that help us deliver the solutions you need. If you can't make the presentation or the conference, use the link below to contact us and we will put you in touch with a GE Healthcare cell therapy expert.

Events at Phacilitate

Tuesday, January 23     4:00 pm

Presentation and panel
How realistic is ‘do it yourself’ production for cell & gene therapy developers today?

Phil Vanek, GM Cell Therapy Growth Strategy

Join GE’s Dr. Phil Vanek and the expert cell therapy panel as they discuss in-house manufacturing for cell therapies, innovations in the field and addressing the remaining limitations in scalability.

Speakers and panelists:

  • Jon C. Gunther, PhD, Associate Director, Technical R&D, Juno Therapeutics.
  • Dorit Harati, Vice President, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Gamida Cell.
  • Kenny Choi, Director, Process Development, Mustang Bio.
  • Massimiliano Cesarini, Global Sales Manager, Comecer Group.
Dr Phil Vanek, GM Cell Therapy Growth Strategy

Cell processing tools for a complete workflow

Essential steps in cell therapy manufacturing include thawing, cell isolation, expansion, harvesting, final formulation, and cryopreservation. Modular workflows that integrate these unit operations with semi-automation provide process flexibility.

Harnessing the potential of cell therapies

Our cell processing systems designed for point-of-care and cord blood applications are compact and functionally closed, with enhanced procedural control.

Reduce processing time through automation
Simplify workflows with compact, functionally flexible machines
Improve patient safety through advanced process controls and traceability

GE Sepax 2
Sepax 2
GE Smart-max