• Satellite Symposium

Moderator: O.Adda, Buc, France

AIR Coil Technology: the next breakthrough in MRI
F.J. Robb, Cleveland, USA
Spectral imaging: The future of CT?
M. Zins, Paris, France
Contrast Media considerations during complex MRI examinations
V. Panebianco, Roma, Italy

• Mammography Workshop

Insights from peers and patient testimonials.
Intensify your mammography expertise.

• Imaging Analytics Workshop

Dose management pause between EuroSafe sessions
Analytics, intelligent imaging devices and advisory services
Partnership collaboration spotlight: Afdea

• Evening Event - Accelerating your digital transformation: achieving Brilliant Radiology

Patient experience and staff satisfaction through exploring MR Excellence
Panel discussion: Impact of digital transformation in practice
Affidea - fnding the data gold at the end of the digital rainbow