Venue Go™

Right when it matters. Right where it counts.


Inspired by user needs

  • 15-inch seamless flat display
    Sized for the environment and designed for easy repositioning,enables thorough cleaning to support your infection-control efforts
  • Designed for cable management
    Transducers on top keep cables off the ground
  • Uniquely adaptable
    Exclusive cradle enables system to go from cart to table to wall
  • Up to two-hour battery
    Easy-to-see countdown timer changes color when you are running low
  • Cardiac assessment
    TEE and ECG functionality
  • Backed by a multiyear warranty
    Support you can count on
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Venue Go
Joins the Venue Family

As part of the first family of AI enabled point of care ultrasound systems,1 Venue Go shares a software platform with Venue™—offering the same user interface, interchangeable probes,2 strict cybersecurity measures, and consistent software updates to help ensure user familiarity with the systems.

Venue Go™

Right when it matters. Right where it counts.

Auto tools for many applications.

Simplify and accelerate patient assessments with AI-enabled auto tools, available exclusively on Venue family systems—including Venue Go. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, we synthesized the data from numerous patients to ensure accurate calculations for clinical confidence.


Auto B-line tool

In one single step, this tool calculates the overall lung score by highlighting and counting B-lines in real time and displaying the image with the highest B-line count.

Study found the tool to be comparable and highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts.3



Calculate VTI and CO in one simple step. The VTI trending function helps clinicians quickly visualize the trend so the next course of action can be determined.

Experience 82% time savings.4 Study found better correlation than with manual CO measurements.5



Measure IVC collapsibility or distensibility accurately and automatically.

Study found the IVC measures were equivalent to an expert user’s ability 90% of the time for minimal diameters and 97% for maximal diameters.6


eFAST tool

Assess and document patient status by mapping key areas of the body.

Reduce keystrokes by 80% compared to traditional eFAST exams.7

Venue Go™

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