The technology may be advanced, but the mission is the same.

Ultrasound for the Critical Moment.
Simple, Fast and Precise.
Discover the new Venue ultrasound system.

Download the white paper Making of Venue

Ultrasound is useful in helping you identify the cause of shock. Unfortunately it can require many manual steps, which you may not have time for when time to diagnosis is critical. Venue, a new ultrasound system, simplifies complicated steps.

It´s advanced design and automated tools let you see the nerves and surrounding anatomy clearly, as well as support you with key information to diagnose and manage adverse pulmonary and cardiac events.


Designed for the Emergency Department and Critical Care

Ready when you need it

Up to 4-hour battery and easy to see count-down timer changes color when you are running low.

Just go to work

It is a cockpit, but not complicated.

Backed by a multi-year warranty*

Support you can count on.

Big wheels. Small footprint.

Maneuver Venue where you want it.


Convenient button probe

Control the system with programmable buttons on the probe handle. Three-handed procedures become two-handed procedures.

Seamless flat display

Make cleaning a breeze.

19" articulating monitor

See the image across the room; reposition it for procedures.

Designed for cable management

Four probes connected and ready to go. Probe hangers help keep cables off the ground.

* May vary by country. Please contact your local GE sales representative for assistance.

Enjoy watching the “making of Venue” video

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Download the white paper

that summarizes some of the key papers that influenced the design of Venue.