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Voluson™ Signature 20 & 18
A Healthier Future for Women

It's time to redefine the speed of women's health ultrasound.

Accelerate what’s possible with the new
Voluson™ Signature 20 & 18

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Signature  20 & 18 

It’s time to redefine the speed of ultrasound.

Voluson™ Signature 20

Go ahead, take the lead. Move fast, move forward with the Voluson Signature 20. With technologies migrated from our industry leading Voluson Expert series platform, we leverage breakthrough clinical applications for exceptional image quality, ground-breaking AI, automation, and efficiency tools and design innovations for an elevated ultrasound experience.  

Voluson Signature 20

Voluson™ Signature 18

Good healthcare can’t be rushed, but the right ultrasound system can save you precious time and effort. Move fast, move forward with the Voluson Signature 18. Simplify your everyday with fewer steps, fewer keystrokes, and fewer obstacles. Uncover quick, confident answers with effortless imaging and built-in AI tools—all at an accessible price point.

Voluson Signature 18

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