Every image has a story to tell, so we are hitting the road to share our healthcare imaging solutions and stories with you.
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Stop and see the latest medical imaging innovations from GE Healthcare that can help on early cancer detection and provide rapid diagnosis when your patients need it the most. Let’s connect and explore technologies together to support your medical and imaging programs for today and tomorrow.

Your personal tour features technologies and solutions in Women’s Health, Bone & Metabolic Health and X-Ray that help you improve rapid diagnosis while providing exceptional care with confidence.

Latest medical imaging innovations
Senographe Pristina™
Reshape the mammography experience

We partnered with radiologists, technologists and patients to create a mammography platform that is designed to meet each of their needs – easing patients’ anxieties, making technologists’ jobs easier and helping radiologists diagnose with greater confidence.

The result of our rigorous, collaborative design process is the Senographe Pristina: comfort for patients, confidence for technologists and clarity for radiologists.

Pristina is compatible with Pristina Dueta the industry’s first patient-assisted compression device, that gives patients a sense of control during their mammograms.

CESM & CESM Biopsy
Imaging for breast cancer diagnosis

SenoBright™ HD Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography technology offers an astonishingly clear way of seeing what matters in the breast. It improves breast cancer detection up to 20% in dense breast.

With Serena Bright™, no longer do you need to leave the mammography suite to biopsy lesions identified with contrast. The ability to biopsy with contrast allows you to confidently locate the target and biopsy with certainty. Lesions identified with contrast may be difficult to biopsy under conventional techniques. Contrast mammography allows you to be more certain whether biopsy is necessary and now with Serena Bright, contrast-enhanced guided biopsy provides exceptional clinical confidence and accuracy without shifting to MRI.

LOGIQ™ E10 Series
Empowering you to make the difference

The LOGIQ E10 Series is your trusted ultrasound companion supporting you and your patients in each stage of the clinical care pathway from diagnosis to treatment planning and follow up of breast disease. The cSound™ Imageformer technology, in combination with a matrix probe, delivers exquisite images with high spatial and contrast resolution, to help you see more at an earlier stage. Comprehensive tools can also help increase your confidence in classification and staging of the found lesions (e.g. 2D SWE can help in a non-invasive classification of the breast lesions.)

The dedicated Breast Assistant package, enhancing the workflow in your breast examinations, is now completed with the new KOIOS DS™ technique, AI-based diagnostic support tool, that helps confidence in the diagnosis and staging of breast lesions, decreasing BI-RADS classification variability and number of biopsies to false positive lesions.

The Invisible that Matters

As opposed to the VISIBLE that matters to you, meaning early detecting and rapid diagnosis by SEEING the tumours, we’re introducing THE INVISIBLE THAT MATTERS, for woman.
We want to support you in the remaining piece of this life-saving equation, meaning woman self-efficacy, and have make them becoming actors in her breast care journey.

Come and “Meet Cecilia O”, our Patient Advocate, part of our Advisory Board, where the voice of patient matters as a fundamental pillar.
She’s also present within our community, for inspiration and storytelling, in a peer to peer approach.

AMX 240
powered by Helix™ 2.0
Diagnostic insight close at hand

We designed our digital mobile X-ray system, AMX 240, with these complex care areas in mind. Its high-resolution 100-micron digital detectors, FlashPad™ HD, enable you to see fine details with exceptional contrast. AMX 240 includes two different detector sizes.

They are thin, light and can be used with your surgical table to quickly get the image you need. In most cases, you can slide the 35cm x43cm detector directly in the surgical table or position with accessory positioners. Its unique, adaptive, wireless technology enables automatic channel switching to improve image transfer and avoid wireless interference with other surgical equipment on the hospital network.

iCad - ProFound AI® for 3D Mammography
Artificial Intelligent Solution for Breast

Addresses the challenges of 3D mammography reading with a high-performing cancer detection and workflow solution.

• Analyzes each individual slice, detecting both malignant soft tissue densities and calcifications with unrivaled accuracy, including subtle and very small lesions, even in dense breasts.

• Improves radiologist’s average cancer detection performance by 8% while offering critical timesaving benefits by reducing reading time by 52.7%*.

* Conant, E. et al. (2019). Improving Accuracy and Efficiency with Concurrent Use of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. 1 (4). https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/ryai.2019180096

One-Stop Breast Clinic
One place, One team, One day

Redefine your patient’s experience by reducing the time from screening to precise diagnosis and treatment plan. This connected and coordinated patient experience means: ONE PLACE, ONE TEAM, ONE DAY.

Rapid Progress. Provide patient access to a rapid screening, diagnosis, and treatment plan pathway, reducing patient anxiety and improving overall satisfaction.

Fewer False Positives. Minimize repeat tests and scans due to false positives.

Better Care. Improve treatment appropriateness and—ultimately—outcomes. Enable effective screening for all patients including those with dense breasts.

Bend the Cost Curve. Reduce the number of procedures necessary to reach early stage diagnosis.

Serena Pristina 3D™
Reshaping the biopsy experience

Fast and simple set up. Pristina Serena transforms a screening room into an interventional suite in just two minutes* with the dedicated add-on biopsy kit without requiring a long and mechanical needle installation.

Pristina Serena is swift and streamlined. Its intuitive touchscreen user interface outlines the procedure step by step. Breast biopsy procedure can be performed in less than 15 minutes*.

* Data on file with GE Healthcare, 2018.

Invenia™ ABUS 2.0
Look differently at dense breasts

Invenia ABUS 2.0 transforms breast care from reactive to proactive. The sole FDA-approved ultrasound screening technology is specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue. Clinical studies have demonstrated a 57% relative increase in invasive cancer detection* for dense breasts.

Innovation is key: cSound Imageformer technology is providing extraordinary image quality and the Reverse Curve™ transducer enhanced comfort for patients and users.

Reproducibility, operator independency and the 3D coronal plane access are leading into clinical and operational advancements along the Breast Care Pathway from screening to staging and monitoring. Our support goes beyond technology with the digital Mastery Education Portal for Physicians, Implementation guidance and Marketing Kit.

* Wilczek B, European Journal of Radiology (DOI: 10.1016/j.ejrad.2016.06.004

enCORE v18
Powerful New DXA Clinical Applications

DXAVision™ provides BMD and Body Composition in one easy, unified workflow. The DXAVision™ scan is designed to improve operator efficiency, resulting in a DXA scan that is up to 40% faster* and a better experience for your patients.

* Data on file with GE Healthcare, April 2019.

Definium 656HD
powered by Helix™ 2.0
X-ray. The future. Now.

Definium 656 HD is GE’s all new digital radiographic system powered by Helix™ 2.0 advanced image processing and featuring an expanded suite of workflow automation & analytics tools.
With Definium 656 HD, no more unnecessary X-ray image adjustments and repeated exams. Just sharp detail and the balanced contrast and brightness you need at low dose, right from that very first image.

Helix advanced image processing algorithms harness the full high-resolution power and exceptional dose efficiency of FlashPad HD detectors to deliver outstanding clarity and extraordinary anatomical detail where it matters most.

AI applications for X-ray
Diagnostic insight close at hand

Critical Care Suite 2.0 is a collection of AI algorithms embedded on X-ray systems for automated measurements, detection and triage of critical cases, and quality control. In these challenging times, every minute counts when dealing with high-risk procedures such as tracheal intubation* and critical conditions including pneumothorax.

Thoracic Care Suite with Lunit INSIGHT CXR offers AI detection of eight abnormal chest radiograph findings which also support Tuberculosis detection and help find Pneumonia or ground glass opacities, which are indicative of COVID-19. A suite of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that analyze Chest X-rays and flag abnormal findings.

* Stephen E. Lapinsky. Endotracheal intubation in the ICU. Crit Care. 2015; 19(1): 258.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
EnCor Enspire™

Advancing the World of Health.

The EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System provides control operations for specialized biopsy instruments intended to acquire tissue samples of suspected breast abnormalities. The EnCor Enspire™ Biopsy System is designed to recognize individual biopsy drivers and provide a user interface and to accept inputs when used for specific procedures. Each biopsy driver type performs unique functions.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
BD EleVation™

Advancing the World of Health.

The BD EleVation™ Breast Biopsy System is a handheld, self-contained, single insertion, multiple sample biopsy device and is intended to be used with ultrasound guidance. The device can obtain and store multiple samples with a single insertion of the BD EleVation™ Probe. The components of the BD EleVation™ Breast Biopsy System are designed to operate safely when used together for diagnostic sampling during a breast biopsy procedure. The device consists of a battery-powered, reusable BD EleVation™ Driver and a disposable BD EleVation™ Probe with a usable needle length of 10cm and a sample container.

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